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At Waste Control International we strive to provide you with quality waste handling and recycling equipment solutions with great experience in styrofoam recycling, product destruction, full good destruction, product dewatering, zero landfill, horizontal baler systems and much more. Waste Control International is here to provide solutions for you. 

With Waste Control International’s line of product destruction and depackaging equipment, we can help you achieve zero landfill. This unique equipment can be standalone or incorporated into a whole system suited to your facility. This product destruction and depackaging equipment can help you reduce your landfill cost by weight reduction, as well as protecting your brand from reaching the landfill in unopened product.


In today’s demanding markets the focus is on zero landfill or zero waste – Waste Control International can provide solutions to your facilities needs whether it be balers, compactors, or recycling systems. We give you more than just baler and compactors; we give you solutions and service that can take your facility to a new level of environment compliance.

At Waste Control International we also provide solutions for Mist Collection and Wet Scrubbers. With our line of wet air and hazardous air collection equipment. We can help you maintain a safe and clean environment at your facility. Waste Control International‘s oil emulsion or water cooling stand alone or integrated into machinery centers. With our unique filter system these Mist Collectors are a very low maintenance part of your machinery center. Waste Control International also offers 3-D solid drawing models of capture hoods a piping layout without engineering layout experts. We can provide many solutions for your oil emulsion or water cooling mist collecting. 

Waste Control Internationals Wet Scrubber's can also be stand alone or integrated into a complete system. These Wet Scrubbers are designed to collect flammable or explosive dusts without the hazards of explosions. With the Wet Scrubber the dust is sprayed with water and then run through a centrifuge   for cleaning. Our engineering layout experts can provide you with many solutions for your flammable or explosive dust needs.   


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